And why it matters to learning?

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Organizations do not form accidentally, originally a group of people comes together with a shared purpose in mind. They organize themselves in a specific structure and give the shared ID a name. Those three elements are the cornerstones of any organization: People, purpose, and the structure of which they are organizing themselves. As an organization grows, a fourth element emerges from people’s interaction; culture!

Last week, a colleague of mine opened one of those hot discussions about organizational culture with personal reflections. The central theme was, forget your organizational culture, just be a decent human being. …

3 Pillars for the Futures of Learning & Development

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Let me start with a personal story:

Last month I had a personal learning experience, which was also a good reminder of the realities of experiential learning design: I had to interact with a communication consultant. After a month I did not perceive our exchange to be among the most favorable communication experiences to have; I experienced yelling in my face, flapped tables, slammed doors, and broken items when rage took over. …

Or, can our organizations be human-oriented any soon?

In four thoughtful articles published on the Association for Talent Development portal, Human Resource PhD Researcher Erika Garms argued that our knowledge about brain science(s) has the potential to transform the way change management is practiced, both on individual and organizational levels. But, is that really happening?

As an organizational designer myself, I have been working with concepts as strategic decision making, learning, motivation, self discipline, performance, and the likes for over 12 years now. And I can claim that there is a huge gab between the cognitive neuroscience literature about human learning and behavior and the practices in the…

A Fusion of three beautiful worlds!

The 30th of April marks the World’s International Day of Jazz Music, which inspired this article about some of the things I find interesting about Jazz and how they relate to the world(s) of change advisory:

The word Jazz itself means energy, flowing energy! The musical energy of Jazz as a genre was influenced mainly by two converging sources: The blues with its spiritual depth originating partially from chants of Congo immigrant slaves who used to work as farmers in the fields of southern US! …

Aman Eid

An organizational designer dedicated to the thrivability of people, communities & orgs, & who is inspired by the challenges of our era! #learning #culture

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